We are FASTER COMMUNITY develop FASTER C-Level Business Leaders/Professionals networks. FASTER Stands For : Fintech, AI, Startup/Software/Security, Telco, Ecommerce, Retailtech. Current FASTER areas of Digitalization/Digital Economy. 

Please see some of our Whatsapp/Linkedin/Email group members : FASTERCommunity.com/Members

Please see below FASTER areas shown as below figure. We have also "TechFinTalk.com" channel and organizing Tech Events so far we made Startup, Fintech and AI Events. We also planning to make online prize event as TelecomPrize.com , FintechPrize.com , ECommercePrize.com, RetailPrize.com and StartupPrizes.com .... (Prize websites will be online soon)

If you like to take more info about our Whatsapp, Linkedin or email groups , you can reply my message.  Send message to :  mustafa@FasterCommunity.com 

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