What is ISFIRE?

Islamic Finance Review (ISFIRE) is a bi-monthly magazine, produced in a popular style yet retaining authenticity and accuracy of current issues in Islamic banking and finance industry. Among other things, ISFIRE highlights the achievements and success stories of leading institutions and individuals in Islamic banking and finance. As an official publication of Islamic Bankers Association (IBA), it is widely distributed among Islamic banking and finance professionals.

Under the editorship of Dr Sofiza Azmi and produced by the most able team of Islamic finance experts in the world, ISFIRE is widely respected for its unique approach to disseminating Islamic financial intelligence.

ISFIRE provides a review of Islamic finance industry and present an independent view on the issues that arise in the short to medium term. ISFIRE celebrates success stories of the individuals as well as institutions that may have relevance and are assisting the development of Islamic banking and finance. ISFIRE is an excellent tool to target potential banks and financial institutions offering their services globally.

WEB : http://isfire.net/

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